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Resource Dimensions
  Natural Resources Management  
  Successful management, conservation and restoration of natural resources must coordinate and integrate complex, time-dependent ecosystem processes with human dynamics and decision-making.
Resource Dimensions is at the national and international forefront of fields such as ecological economics, planning, land conservation, and the human dimensions of resource management that have long advocated and advanced the integration of qualitative and qualitative analytical methods at the community and landscape levels. Employing ecological principles, our work takes a whole systems approach to addressing natural resource management issues and related policy-making.

Across our history, we have worked to develop solutions such as cutting-edge GIS analytical models, facilitating land conservation, recreation, and community planning decisions. We are also building comprehensive resource management plans, and addressing biological resources such as threatened and endangered species and wildland fire.

Resource-based recreation studies and tourism management is an area of particular specialization for the firm within the arena of natural resource management. We have conducted studies for a diverse clientele across the nation on topics such as visitor use and experience, economic impact analysis of the tourism industry, and recreational facilities assessment. These endeavors have incorporated diverse themes such as ecosystem management, the human dimensions of resource use, and economic and fiscal modeling. We have also carried out a multitude of park and recreational facilities market and feasibility analyses.


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