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Resource Dimensions is an innovative woman-owned economic and policy consulting firm specializing in integrated economic analyses and the development of enduring solutions to today's intractable issues. Drawing on extensive industry knowledge, distinguished professionals and innovative analytics, we work with clients to develop solutions to complex natural resource, land use, conservation, community development, transportation, and energy issues. Resource Dimensions' approach is strengthened by its diverse range of expertise and multidisciplinary team of partners and associates from the fields of economics, planning, law, land conservation, agriculture, natural resource management, geography, forestry, ecology, sociology, biology and public policy.

Originally operating as the research arm of its predecessor, 4Ever Land Conservation Associates, we first served clients from offices in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, California, New York, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 1995, the firm has transformed into a dynamic, multidisciplinary consulting practice focused on issues of land use, natural resource management, community sustainability, and environmental policy with over 30 partners and associates in offices in 10 states and the United Kingdom.

We have expanded to include a full-complement of services grounded in qualitative research methods which balance and provide depth to our quantitative analyses. Areas of expertise include collaborative decision-making processes, focus and working groups, survey methods, interviews, mediation and conflict resolution, citizen juries, facilitation, and strategic public involvement planning.

We are serious that our work remains credible, rigorous, and relevant. We achieve this by applying integrated whole-systems thinking and state-of-the art processes to assess, evaluate, and develop sound tools and solutions for clients worldwide. Our core structure is uniquely grounded in ecological principals in which we combine the dimensions of economics, social and biophysical sciences to produce useful, cost-effective, and precedent-setting results for our clients.

Our clients include international, national, state, municipal, and tribal governments; NGOs; private foundations and research centers; and various private sector law, planning, transportation, engineering and architecture firms.

Resource Dimensions
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